About company

StivIT is a business entity located in Croatia founded in 2020 with a main goal of providing software services, consultancy and solutions to the customers.
Founder and main developer of StivIT is Stjepan Razum, involved in IT industry since 2010 and through which he had a pleasure to work in many different areas of IT, which include 3D and CAD software development, and development of various business applications and projects on many platforms.

Buisness applications

Development and architecture of multi-platform software solutions for various use cases

CAD Software developmnet

Specialized in development of CAD and 3D software solution

RevidX EDMD solution

Production ready software solution for ECAD-MCAD collaboration via EDMD protocol


StivIT specializes in work related to CAD software development which combine areas of mechanical and electrical design domain, and implementation of EDMD as a collaboration protocol. A big part of its portfolio is also the development of web and microservice solutions, cross-platform mobile applications, solution testing, deployment and maintainance.
StivIT also developes and provides a solution RevidX, which is an ECAD-MCAD collaboration software based on EDMD protocol. RevidX is a centralized approach to EDMD collaboration which enables user to exchange IDX data through a server application.